Councilmen Seeks to Intervene in Lawsuit

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A Topeka City Councilman wants to join in the Shawnee County District Attorney's lawsuit against the city over a police helicopter purchase.

John Alcala filed a motion to intervene Thursday in Shawnee County District Court. Alcala says he wants clarification on how issues DA Robert Hecht raises over the helicopter purchase might impact the city council's approval of a new software program.

Alcala questions whether the city's charter ordinance gives the council authority to override a mayor's veto and, even if it does, whether the measure had enough votes to begin with. At issue is language requiring such purchases to have approval of the majority of the governing body, and whether the "governing body" includes the mayor. If it does, Alcala says, that means it would take six votes to approve the software purchase. It was approved on a 5-4 vote.

No dates are set for the court to consider the motion.

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