Attorney Speaks about Police Shooting Case

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A Topeka attorney spoke more Wednesday about why he's representing two brothers who were injured in a shooting involving off-duty Topeka Police officers.

Neighbors identify those injured as 27-year old Daniel Llamas and his 18-year old brother. The Shawnee County Sheriff's Office is investigating the circumstances surrounding the incident early last week Tuesday morning.

Meantime, the Llamas have hired attorney Pedro Irigonegaray. He says he is still learning all the details of what happened, but he doesn't anticipate the brothers will be charged.

"I decided to represent them because two citizens were badly injured as a result of a police shooting," he said. "If for no other reason than the community should know what happened. The use of deadly force must be carefully monitored."

Irigonegaray also couldn't say whether the brothers plan any action against the city or the police department. He says as he discovers exactly what happened, they will determine their next course of action.

Irigonegaray previously represented a Wichita man shot in the chest by a police officer. In that case, Irigonegaray the officer tried to cover up what happened and the city of Wichita paid his client nearly $5 million.

The four officers involved are on administrative leave while the investigation continues. Police Department spokesperson Krisit Pankratz says they will remain on leave for now, but as the investigation could take as long as six months, it is possible they could be returned to administrative duties.