WIBW - Cox talks extended

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The WIBW TV-Cox Cable talks deadline has been put off for at least a week.

WIBW TV and Cox have been in intense negotiations about how much Cox should pay WIBW TV to package the station's signal for retransmission and sale on the cable system.

The final deadline had been set for Midnight Friday, February 29, meaning at 12:01, March 1, the WIBW TV signal would have been removed from Cox's system.

However, because of what WIBW TV negotiators say is "substantial progress" in negotiations, the station has agreed to re-set the deadline to Friday, March 7, at 11:59 p.m.

Cox and WIBW TV representatives indicate they will continue talks over the weekend and both sides are expressing hopes an agreement can be reached, without taking WIBW TV's signal off the Cox system.