Evidence That Suspect in Slaying Stalked Others

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Several more women have testified that a man charged with kidnapping and killing a Cowley County Community College student had also stalked or assaulted them.

Prosecutors yesterday continued alleging that Justin Thurber
stalked young women for years before the slaying of 19-year-old
Jodi Sanderholm of Arkansas City.

Thurber is charged with capital murder, rape, aggravated
kidnapping and aggravated sodomy in the death of Sanderholm.

Thurber's trial is scheduled to begin June 24th with jury

Katie Bevilacqua said yesterday after the death of her friend,
Sanderholm, she received a letter from jail from Thurber.

Defense attorneys argued that the prosecution's use of the
letter was only a ``character attack.''

Another woman testified that Thurber put a pillow over her face
and tried to have sex with her in 2000, when she was 14.