Topekan Off to the Peace Corps

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Travis Schultz is a certified tutor, a recent college grad of the University of Saint Mary's and a soccer player, and now he has another big goal to achieve and it's not on the soccer field.

He's headed off to Asia for the Peace Corp.

"My Junior year I had a meeting with my professor and my advisor and they asked me what I wanted to do after I was done with college, and I told them I don't know. They said why don't you go to the Peace Corp," said Travis Schultz.

With that Travis started looking into it and got interested.

" I had a big fascination about learning more about the other cultures and why they are the way they are," said Schultz.

Soon Travis began an eight month long process to get accepted.

"Your first initial evaluation is you have to write letters," he said.

After submitting those, an interview and several medical exams followed. Then in March the admission letter came. Travis will be using his skills as tutor to teach English to kids in Asia, while he's teaching he says he'll also be learning.

"I think our differences should bring us closer together because everybody has something else they can learn from somebody."

Travis is supposed to find out where in Asia he'll go soon.