Could Medicinal Marijuana Soon Be Legal in Kansas?

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Senate Bill 556 was debated in a panel session today. The Senate health committee heard from both sides. The bill called The Kansas Medical Marijuana Act allows people with a debilitating disease to present a judge with written certification from their doctor. This would defend them against prosecution from possession of the substance.

Among the conditions covered by the measure are cancer,
glaucoma, AIDS and hepatitis C.

"Frankly, I don't know how the Federal Government or the Drug Enforcement Administration can sleep at night when they choose to ignore mounting evidence that marijuana relieves suffering for many diseases," said Bob Stephan, former Attorney General.

"I think most Kansans are smart enough to know that you don't smoke pot for medicine," said Dr. Eric Voth, Chair of the Institute on Global Drug Policy.

After hearing the testimonials the committee said that they will conduct their own research and read the material presented to them Monday before taking a side.

The bill is still in it's early stages and a recommendation could take some time.