Ride Along With Topeka Police During Snow Storm

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)- Several schools and businesses closed down today, but Topeka Police are still at work.

13's Ariana Cohen rode along with an officer Tuesday to see what their day entails.

Heavy snowfall caused several schools and business in the Capital City to close Tuesday but, Topeka Police officer Kenneth Lawler says its business as usual.

13s Ariana Cohen rode along with him to see what his day entails. Since early this morning, the Topeka Police Department has been in Phase 3 Accident Reporting which means police will only respond to injury and hit and run accidents.

"During snowy times, there are a lot more accidents and if we went to every accident all our resources would be tied up on accidents and we wouldn't be available for calls of service to the public," says Lawler.

In snowy weather conditions, Officer Lawler says the biggest issue is the amount of time it takes to get to a call.

"You have to allow for additional time, you have to be patient and realize that is going to take longer to arrive at your destination but your most important role as a police officer is to arrive there," says Lawler.

However, Lawler says the new 4 wheel drive police S.U.V.'s have helped getting to places quicker. From getting calls of drivers sliding off the roads to calls of cars stuck in ditches, Lawler wants drivers to remember to drive slowly and carefully.