13 News Reporter Acts As Principal For A Day

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)- "And to the republic, for which it stands.." students chant at State Street Elementary School.

The students are used to starting every school day with the pledge of allegiance. And this school day was a little different because 13's Ariana Cohen was "Principal for a Day."

She shadowed Principal Sarah Sharp as she guided her through classrooms showing her what it is like to walk in her shoes.

"Everyday is different," says Principal of State Street Elementary School, Sarah Sharp.

Their day was filled with tasks that needed to be done from,"evaluating teachers, doing "walk-throughs," to managing student discipline," says Sharp.

From assisting teachers grading English papers to coming up with creative ways to teach math in the classroom, Ariana learned how Principal Sharp evaluates each classroom's organization. Students say that Principal Sharp's job is not easy and they admire her hard work.

"She's nice and young and has a great future," says 5th grade student, Isaiah Cruz.

"If I could rate her 1 to 10, I would give her 10," says kindergartner, Chris Brown .

And Ariana says she couldn't agree more. At the end of her shadowing, she joined more than 25 other participants who were also "Principals for a Day" at other Topeka schools. She received an award and says it was a day that the students, Principal Sharp and she will never forget.

Organizers say they hold this annual event to show community members the impact principals make on Topeka students' lives.

Principal Sharp is also attending an award ceremony Wednesday night in Junction City. She and the fifth grade team won the Challenge Award for increasing reading test scores.