13 News Holds Exclusive Interview With Israeli Soldier In Heat Of Battle

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JERICHO, Israel- 25-year-old Niv Max Clyman says the Israeli military launched "Operation Protective Edge" into Gaza, bringing an extra 18,000 reservists into conflict with the terror group, Hamas.

Clyman was one of them.

"I got the urgent call two weeks ago. And we just try to just live and they are terrorizing us!" said Clyman.

Clyman says Hamas fires rockets and missals towards Israel's civilians, power supplies and hospitals. He says what Israel is trying to do now is stop the rockets and destroy every terror tunnel that exists in the Gaza strip.

"I know 30 people have died, most of them soldiers. I even know one of the people who was died, it's awful its an awful feeling," said Clyman.

Clyman says its impossible for any Israeli to live a normal life.

"You have 15 seconds to go to a shelter, otherwise you might get hurt. You can't do nothing, you can't take a shower, you can't have dinner, can't go out to see a movie, can't go to a party because everyone is so afraid," says Clyman.

He says all he can do is defend himself, his country and hope for peace.

"I don't know when it will end. I hope it will end soon. Soldiers and our friends are dying," said Clyman.

Israel is in a temporary no-fly zone for commercial airlines based in the United States. The FAA grounded U.S. flights to and from Israel at least until Wednesday.