State GOP and Democrats Go Head to Head Over Accusations

GOP Response to Democrat Comments
Topeka, KS—Thursday, Dec. 27, Kansas Republican Party Chairman Kris Kobach criticized the Kansas Democratic Party for trying to scare voters by publicly proclaiming absurd theories of voter suppression.

"I find it disturbing that Kansas Democrats have decided to scare Kansas voters into thinking Republicans are keeping them from the polls," Kobach said. "The Kansas Democratic Party needs to start being honest with the people of Kansas and stop engaging in conspiracy theory politics, especially on the heels of an embarrassing Democratic Party scandal filled with lies and deception."

Paul Morrison, the disgraced Democratic Kansas Attorney General - hand-picked by Democratic Governor Kathleen Sebelius and represented in an earlier sexual harassment case by Democratic Lieutenant Governor Mark Parkinson - recently resigned because of a sex scandal and allegations of criminal activity by the Attorney General.

The Kansas Democratic Party yesterday claimed that the Kansas Republican Party has unhatched a secret plan to prevent Democrats from voting by challenging their eligibility to vote. The Kansas Democratic Party bases this far-fetched claim on a recent email message to Kansas Republicans that was drafted by Kansas Republican Party Executive Director Christian Morgan. The message promoted Republican Get Out The Vote (GOTV) efforts by stating:

Our voter identification system is up and running giving us the capability to effectively mobilize voters and turn them out to vote on Election Day. To date, the Kansas GOP has identified and caged more voters in the last 11 months than the previous two years!

The Kansas Democratic Party, misunderstanding the word "caging," has accused the Kansas Republican Party of illegally engaging in vote suppression—eleven months before the election has even taken place! As Kansas GOP Executive Director Christian Morgan explained, "In the GOTV context, the term ‘caging’ refers to identifying the issues that are most important to a particular voter, so that when election time comes around, Republican candidates can send targeted literature to that voter that will encourage him to go out and vote, and even make campaign contributions to Republican candidates. When we say someone is ‘caged’ we mean that we are so confident that we can motivate that person to vote, he is effectively ‘locked in’ to vote for Republican candidates."

The Kansas Republican Party is committed to getting as many Kansans to the polls in 2008 as possible – including people who are not registered Republican. Polls consistently show that Kansans overwhelmingly support traditional Republican values. Consequently, the higher the voter turnout, the better it is for Kansas Republican Party.

Morgan explained the fallacies in the Kansas Democratic Party’s accusations: "The Democrats are claiming that we have sent tens of thousands of letters to registered Democrats in order to see which letters are returned for lack of a valid address. Then, according to the Democrats’ theory, we would challenge the right of these people to vote. There are three problems with their absurd theory:

1st—Under Kansas law, only a poll worker can challenge a voter’s eligibility to vote; the Republican Party couldn’t challenge such a voter even if we wanted to.

2nd—Under Kansas law, a voter with a non-current address still gets to vote anyway. Instead of casting a regular ballot, the voter just casts a provisional ballot. So the whole enterprise would be pointless.

3rd—Why in the world would the Kansas Republican Party send out an email to thousands of people proclaiming that the Party had engaged in potentially criminal activity?"

The Kansas Democratic Party has now joined fringe left wing organizations by promoting such bizarre conspiracy theories.

Kansas Republican Party Chairman Kobach stated, "The people of Kansas know better than to take these accusations seriously. The accusations don’t even make sense, since under Kansas law, only an election worker can challenge the eligibility of a voter. It appears that the Democratic Party is espousing this lunatic conspiracy theory in order to fool Kansans and distract attention from the scandal surrounding Democratic Attorney General Paul Morrison."

"This lunatic theory is right up there with the left wing’s conspiracy theory that George W. Bush staged the attacks of September 11th to help him get reelected. It is pure fantasy. These people need to get a grip on reality."

"Wait until they hear about our new Star Trek teleporting machine to instantly send all Republican voters to the polls," Kobach joked.