1 Killed in 32 Car Pile-Up Accident on I-70

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The Kansas Highway Patrol is reporting at least 1 person dead in a collission involving 32 cars on westbound I-70.

KDOT is reporting that Westbound I-70 is closed from Milepost 353/Auburn Road to K/30 at Maple Hill just west of Topeka. Traffic is detoured to US-75 then across to US-24.

Our crew at the scene says they could see that at least two semi trucks and a charter bus was involved.

KHP reports the fataility occured in the first car in the chain reaction pile-up.

A warming shelter has been opened at 643 Wheeler in McFarland for those involved in the accident.

No word on injuries or the extend of damage to the vehicles in that pile-up.

We have a crew on the scene waiting for a news conference to learn more details, as we recieve those we will pass them on to you.