New Intelligence Report Says Iran Halted Nuclear Program in 2003

Iran Crash

Senator Sam Brownback says America needs to convince Iran to end its illegal nuclear activities.

"Here is what we know for sure about Iran: it has no need for nuclear energy, it is a theocratic regime that prioritizes the destruction of Israel, and Tehran is actively enriching uranium," said Brownback.

The senator issued that statement after U.S. Intelligence issued its own assessment Monday, saying it believes Tehran halted its nuclear weapons program in 2003.

"Today's National Intelligence Estimate stated that Iran has halted its nuclear weapons program but still desires nuclear weapons," Brownback said. "Given the civilian nuclear work that the NIE did not analyze, as well as the bellicose statements from Iran's senior leaders, the threat of a nuclear armed Iran remains real."

Monday the president's national security adviser significantly downgraded the chances of military action.

The intelligence estimate says if Iran were to resume work on a nuclear weapon, it could have one sometime early in the next decade.

Brownback said, "The NIE makes clear that, on its current course, Iran will eventually develop a nuclear weapon. America must work with its allies to convince Iran to end its illegal activities.

"We should use any delay in Iranian nuclear weapons development to empower the Iranian people to change their leaders and moderate their government. We should support Iran's pro-democracy movement, designate a special envoy to focus on Iranian human rights, and divest ourselves of those companies that do business in Iran."