Hit & Run Suspect Charged, Daughter Walks Free

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A mother and daughter are going separate ways, legally at least. 48-year-old Ramona Morgan has been charged with the deaths of two road workers, while her daughter, who was in the car, is now free.

Ramona faces two counts of reckless second degree murder for the deaths of Tyrone Korte and Rolland Griffith. She was also charged with one count of reckless aggravated battery for clipping Curtis Delzell. She will not be charged with injuring Amanda Hopper, who hit the vehicle with a flag, and thus, was not hit by the vehicle.

That comes from Douglas County District Attorney Charles Branson, who will wait until Osage County is done with its case against Ramona to bring her to Douglas County.

Osage has filed charges against her relating to the police chase that followed the hit and run.

Her 26-year-old daughter Sabrina was released Wednesday, and will not face charges in either county. Osage County District Attorney Brandon Jones says Sabrina showed "bad judgment," but will not have enough evidence to show probable cause.

Ramona's next hearing is set for October 3 in Osage County.