Don't Be A Victim of Property Crime: Easy Do's & Don't's

By: Lindsay Shively, Dave Johnson, Candice Sorensen Email
By: Lindsay Shively, Dave Johnson, Candice Sorensen Email

It can happen in seconds and ruin more than just your holidays. Property crime not only victimizes Topekans, but skews the crime numbers in the Capital city. Here's some easy ways to help stop the problem.

-Get theft-deterrent screws for your license plates. Local law enforcement agencies give them out for free! You can also stop by WIBW-TV on December 8th from 8 am to 1 pm for drive-up service!!
Local law enforcement will even be installing the screws and helping people score their tags too. We'll have warm drinks and refreshments and we'll be breaking in on WIBW-TV all morning, so come see us!!

-Don't leave stuff in your car! Even if it's just a pair of old running shoes, theives don't care. They'll get to whatever it is however they can, be gone in seconds, and throw it out later if they don't want it. You'll just be left with the broken window.

-Is Your Car lonely?
It's tempting during the winter season to get your car warmed up before you leave. But it's better to have a cold car than NO car!! That's a prime time for theives to hop in your car and go!

-Location, Location, Location.
It's not just a good slogan for realty. Park in a well-lit place and trust your instincts, if you feel unsafe ask for an escort. Theives are waiting for you to make yourself vulnerable.

-Tip Grab Bag
Use easy theft deterrents like a club. Just the sight of one will make some theives move on. Carry your keys protruding through your fingers, they can be used as a weapon if you get into trouble. Roll up your windows during the summer! That's a screaming invitation for criminals.

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