Lock it, Remove it or Lose it

By lowering car crimes like license plate thefts, car burglaries and thefts we can make Topeka one of the nations safest capital cities. Here are tips to help you avoid becoming a victim.

License Plate 101:
Theft deterrent screws can be used on your license plates to make it a little bit harder for a thief to quickly make away with your plates. You can get the special screws Saturday, December 8th from 8am until 1pm at the WIBW studios at 6th and Wanamaker.
Scoring your license plate sticker on your car with a razor blade several times is another way to avoid the renewal tag from being stolen from your plate.

Is your car lonely?
Never leave your car unlocked or running and unattended. So many people think since they'll be in a store or back in the house for only a second that it will be fine...but it's a very popular and easy way for a criminal to simply drive off with your car.

Living in your car?
What may be junk to you in your car could be a target to a criminal. Maybe you have a dufflebag that's full of socks...well a criminal may think that's electronic equipment and may decide to bust out your window. Cd's, DVD's, cash, laptops, cameras, and cell phones are all popular items that can motivate a crook to break in and steal your stuff. A criminal is much less likely to break into your car if there's nothing in there to motivate them to bust out a window.

Location, location, location:
Be careful where you park. It's important not only for your personal safety, but also for the safety of your car to park in a well lit location. When parked in a well lit location you're much less likely to become a crime victim. Park in a well lit location to increase your chances of your car being safe and sound.

Grab bag:
Here are some random tips to remember to help make Topeka the safest capital city. Use a steering wheel lock device like The Club. It's a great way to have a would-be robber simply move on to the next target instead of you.
So many people leave their cars unlocked...bad idea. And in the summer, roll up your windows to protect your stuff.
To avoid having a thief steal your car and pop off the VIN number, you can have that VIN number etched into your sunroof, windshield glass and more. It's a great deterrent to a potential thief.

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