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Ohio teen dies after being exposed to amoeba

Microsoft tests mosquito trap in Houston

Doctors issue unusual warning for those using smartphones in the dark

Ouch! Flu spray fails again, panel urges shot instead

Kansas contractor miscounts scope of Medicaid backlog

Kansas offers program to help smokers quit the habit

Today's teen troubles: Sex, drugs and texting on the go

Some elderly Kansans will lose in-home services

10 ways to protect yourself from mosquito and tick-borne diseases

This drug is 8x stronger than morphine and is already blamed for overdoses in Kansas, KBI warns

FDA pressuring food industry to make foods less salty

Here's how food nutrition labels are about to change

Consumer Reports: The best sunscreens

Woman says salon visit caused stroke

Here's a healthier way to eat your veggies

5 cases of whooping cough at Auburn-Washburn this spring

Invention helps students with dyslexia unlock hidden abilities

Topeka triplets example of progress in giving all babies a fighting chance

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