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Paralyzing "Polio-Like Virus" Suspected In Up To 25 California Children

Updated: 02/25/2014 - Five children in California developed paralysis in one or more arms or legs that came on suddenly, and was most severe within about two days. None have seen improvement in symptoms, and still had poor limb function within six months of diagnosis.

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FDA Mulls IVF With Embryos Made From 3 Parents

Posted: 02/24/2014 - A new IVF technique raises a number of ethical questions, including whether the government should sanction the creation of genetically modified humans.

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CDC: Flu Hit Young, Middle-Aged Adults Harder This Year

Posted: 02/20/2014 - According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, adults between ages 18 and 64 represented about 61 percent of all flu-related hospitalizations this year, with influenza deaths following the same pattern.

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Study Shows Stress DOES Give You More Headaches

Posted: 02/19/2014 - A new study showed that people who have more headaches are also more likely to have high levels of stress. The study's authors say headache sufferers may want to learn some stress management techniques like deep breathing.

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Number Of Test-Tube Babies Born In U.S. Sets Record

Posted: 02/17/2014 - SART's 379 member clinics, which represent more than 90 percent of the infertility clinics in the country, reported that, in 2012, they performed 165,172 procedures involving IVF, resulting in the birth of 61,740 babies.

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Bullying Duration Linked To Lingering Health Effects

Updated: 02/17/2014 - Being bullied was shown to have an impact on both the mental and physical health of the child, no matter how old they were. The longer the child had been bullied, the more harsh and lasting negative health effects they displayed.

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Saliva Test May Predict Depression Risk In Boys

Posted: 02/17/2014 - British researchers measured levels of the so-called “stress hormone” cortisol in teenage boys, and found those with high levels coupled with mild depression symptoms were up to 14 times more likely to suffer clinical depression later in life.

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Ditch The Baby Talk To Boost Language Learning

Updated: 02/14/2014 - Simply talking to babies was found to be key to building crucial language and vocabulary skills -- but sooner is better, and long sentences are good.

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Women May Prefer Masculine Men During Ovulation

Posted: 02/14/2014 - A study, which will be published in Psychological Bulletin on Feb. 24, revealed that women are most attracted to masculine men during ovulation, but they don’t really see them as long-term partners.

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