Topeka Hospital Helping Search for New Depression Treatments

No two of us are alike, and that can be a challenge if we should need help for an illness like depression.

That's why Stormont-Vail West is joining the search for new options for treatments.

Just over a year ago, Phyllis knew she was headed for trouble. She says she felt overwhelmed, couldn't cope and cried a lot. She tried medications and was ready to go it alone when she read an ad for a clinical trial at Stormont-Vail West and decided to see if she'd qualify.

She did, and joined a trial to see if a medication used for another illness could work to treat depression, too. Stormont-Vail West Medical Director Dr. Taylor Porter says the hope is it will become a new weapon in their arsenal.

Dr. Porter says there are 31 anti-depressants and none is proven to work better than another, so it is a matching and trying situation. He says that's because everyone's brain works a little differently, so even with all those options there are still a lot of people who can't find a medication that works or who get frustrated and simply stop trying to be treated.

The trial medicine worked for Phyllis. She says she's proof to never give up hope,

The trial Phyllis is in has closed, but Stormont West is enrolling for trials with bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia and elderly psychosis. For information, call 785-270-4622.

Bipolar I Disorder
*18year or older, male or female (females must not be pregnant or become pregnant)
*Diagnosis of Bipolar I Disorder, recent or current episode manic or mixed
*Suffer from ultra-fast rapid cycling
*Have a seizure disorder or taking any atni-convulsants to prevent seizures

Schizophrenia or Schizoaffective Disorder
*18-55 years, male or female (females must not be pregnant or become preganant)
*Diagnosis of Schizophrenia, and subtype, or schizoaffective disorder
*Must be capable of reading above a 6th grade level
*Any other Axis I disorder
*Subjects receiving less than 150 mg of Quetiapine a day for 3 months
*History of chronic hepatitis

Elderly Psychosis
*65 years or greater, male or female
*Have psychotic symptoms as evidenced by score of 4 or more on at least one of the following PANSS items: delusions, hallucinatory behavior, excitement, hostility or poor impulse control
*Have established diagnosis of delirium
*Have a score of 17 or below on the Mini Mental State Exam
*Have Parkinson's disease
*Have a lifetime history of CVA
This study requires an eight-day hospital stay

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