Super Foods Pump Up Your Diet

Seems every week, we hear about that one certain food will cure all that ails us. Unfortunately, there's no such thing as a "super food," but there are certain things it's recommended you include in a well-balance diet.

Stormont-Vail dietician Diane Wagner says people need a variety of foods to get all the nutrients they need. She has ten foods she recommends to help achieve that variety.

First up are whole grains. Wagner says they are packed with fiber. She says that makes them good choices to help with a healthy digestive system, prevent cancer and control blood sugar.

Beans, like black, pinto and kidney, are also fiber fillers, but Wagner says to look out for sodium on canned products. She says rinsing canned beans with tap water can get rid of about half of the added salt.

For fruits and veggies, Wagner recommends asparagus as a low-cal source of vitamin A and folic acid, which prevents birth defects. Apples are an easy snack option with healthy fiber. Tomatoes have vitamins A and C, and lycopene, which studies show fights cancer. Wagner also touts blueberries for an anti-oxident punch. She says antioxidents fight off some of the free radicals that cause the damage that can lead to aging and some of the chronic diseases.

For a main course, Wagner says boneless, skinless chicken breast is a good option. She also doesn't shy away from a three-ounce portion of lean red meat as a good source of protein. She says we all need protein to help with proper cell development and bone health.

Also high on Wagner's list is salmon. It's a little higher fat, but filled with Omega 3s. She says the Omega 3 fats can be helpful with heart disease prevention, certain kinds of cancers, depression and even behavioral problems with children.

Almonds round out Wagner's top ten list. She says they have good unsaturated fat to help your cholesterol. She does warn to watch your portion size, which is about 20 almonds.

In fact, Wagner says watching portions is a rule for any food you choose. She says even good foods still has calories, which means you can have too much of a good thing.

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