New Method Gives "Lift" to Pelvic Problem

Being a farm wife and running the Burlingame Library, Donelda Sage didn't have time for the embarrassing problem she'd developed.

Donelda says she was having to go to the bathroom often without warning. She says, at times, she would stand up and realize she'd waited too long, or she'd have to run fast. She says it got to the point where she'd have to keep a change of clothes on hand.

Donelda had developed pelvic support problems. A series of muscle and tissue is supposed to keep pelvic organs - the bladder, vagina and rectum - supported. But with childbirth and time, up to half of women will see those muscles fail, and things start to drop.

Cotton-O'Neil OB/GYN Dr. Robert Barnett says symptoms may start as early as the forties. He says many women will have problems with bladder control or there'll be a sensation of pressure or weakness of support.

Dr. Barnett says the problem used to be fix with surgery, individually stitching up various areas. A mesh-like product called Prolift, he says, is a breakthrough. He says it uses a sling and graft material to support the tissues and pull things back up in their original anatomic relationship.

The material eventually becomes part of the body. Dr. Barnett says it's less invasive than traditional surgery, and it can be permanent - past options would only last five to ten years
Donelda put off treatment for a year before finally having Prolift done in January. Her embarrassing bathroom runs are a thing of the past. She says the only urgency she feels now is in urging other women to get help like she did.

More information on Prolift is available at the following link:
Prolift Link.

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