Dealing with Diabetes Dieting Concerns

Most people know shedding pounds means eating better. But people with Type 2 diabetes, which is often linked to obesity, need to pay extra attention to how they diet.

Elizabeth Davis, a certified diabetes educator with Cotton-O'Neil Diabetes Center, says portion sizes are of particular concern to people with diabetes. She says, even if it's a healthy food, they need to watch how much they eat at one time because it has a direct impact on their blood sugar level.

Davis says insulin doesn't work the way it's supposed to in people with Type 2 diabetes. Diet and medication can regulate it, but that's why changes in diet need to be watched. Davis says if a person should cut back too drastically, while their medication dose is regulated for the larger portions, it could cause too low a drop in their blood sugar.

However, Davis says, many people with Type 2 diabetes do need to change their diet and lose weight. She suggests they start by talking to a doctor and dietitian to make a plan; eat three meals a day to keep blood sugar levels stable, maybe even increase their monitoring to make sure they're staying on an even keel; and pay attention to signs your blood sugar level may be dropping too much. Davis says that typically might be shaky or quivery feeling, anxiety or breaking into a cold sweat.

Davis also says to avoid crash dieting. She says weight loss of one to two pounds a week will serve you best long-term. Patience and an open line of communication with your doctor will bring success in your battle against diabetes and the bulge.

"It's that triangle of diet, exercise and medication all working together to get the best results," Davis said.

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