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Here's how food nutrition labels are about to change

Consumer Reports: The best sunscreens

Woman says salon visit caused stroke

Here's a healthier way to eat your veggies

5 cases of whooping cough at Auburn-Washburn this spring

Invention helps students with dyslexia unlock hidden abilities

Topeka triplets example of progress in giving all babies a fighting chance

New findings show Zika Virus poses bigger threat to Kansas

CDC: Hepatitis C now most deadly infectious disease in America

New study puts medical errors as 3rd leading cause of death in U.S.

CDC investigating after 97 fall sick on Disney cruise ship

Can't sleep? Why pills might not be the answer

Special classroom helps students with autism shine

Autism rates are soaring | See which states have been affected most through the years

U.S. suicide rates on the rise

CDC: No doubt now that Zika virus causes rare birth defects

Back pain common but not untreatable

Take steps to keep skin cancer in the dark

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