Westar Energy is warning Geary Co. drivers of possible slow traffic as they move 237 ton transformer

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TOPEKA (WIBW)-- Westar Energy is warning commuters in Geary County of possible slow traffic Wednesday morning.

The energy company will be moving a 237 ton transformer from Herington to a Geary County substation starting at 7:00 a.m.

The transformer will start north on Highway 77 to Interstate 70 where it will travel to the Grandview Plaza exit.

From there it will follow U.S. Highway 57 east to county roads.

The trip from Herington to Geary County is a little over 30 miles, but the final leg of the delivery will take about 10 hours.

So Westar is asking drivers in the area to use caution. The transformer new home is a $64 million substation in Geary County.

It's scheduled to be energized the spring of 2018.