Topeka school nurse provides holiday gifts for entire student body

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- Taylor Fechter isn't your average school nurse, co-workers say she's gone above and beyond since she first started at Capital City alternative school three years ago.

"I'm on the on trauma and care team where we talk to kids through their crisis and things and she's one of our best at that. There's a lot of kids who go to her and talk to her so we couldn't be luckier to have her," said Middle School Adviser Jimmy Collins.

During the holidays Fechter takes on another role.

"When I first started three years ago I asked one of the students 'What are you getting for Christmas?' just making small talk and they said they weren't getting anything, they don't get to celebrate Christmas as a family, they can't afford it," explained Fechter.

From that day Fechter decided to make sure every student got something special for the holiday.

"The first year it was just myself. I sat in my living room, and had my own little assembly line around the couches and furniture," said Fechter.

What she once paid for out of pocket, now is mostly funded with the help of donations. The faculty also helps her pack the Christmas bags, which have turned into something the students look forward to all year.

"The students love it. This year when we started school in August they were already asking me about it," said Fechter. "A six grade student told me it's the best Christmas gift he's ever got."

"This year we focused on food. A lot of the students maybe rely on school lunches, so going two and a half weeks without that is hard," she said.

The bags have become a special tradition that has made a difference to students, and even more for Fechter.

"I love helping these kids, it means a lot to me to make sure they get to take something home." she said.

The faculty packed 120 Christmas gifts Monday. They plan on giving them to the students sometime this week.

Fechter would like to thanks everyone who helped her out this year.

Capital City School Staff and Administration, Cotton O'Neil 901 Garfield North Floor, friends from Chelsea Drive, the Today's Dentistry Team, Darting Academy, Inventory Sales in Kansas City, Jerry Terry, Marc and Krista Jaimes, John Riggs, Kevin Sheperd, Chris Campbell.