Topeka 'Dreamer' uncertain about future

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TOPEKA, Kan (WIBW)--- You can find 27 year-old Elizabeth Marquez working hard inside Tacos del Sol during the majority of the week, putting as much effort as she can to live up to her American dream.

"I came here when I was 11 years-old,” said Marquez. “My parents are here and I went to French Middle School and Highland Park High School and I think my life is here."

Marquez says her way of living wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for her Dreamer status. She is among the 800,000 people who benefit from the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, also known as DACA.

Started by the Obama administration in 2012, the program gives children of undocumented immigrants— who were brought illegally or overstayed their visas—the opportunity to work and study in the US without risking deportation.

"Everything started getting easier,” said Marquez. “You can get your own job, a social security number, a driver's license, I got a lot of benefits."

However, that may all change. The Trump administration announced earlier this month they will be ending the program, giving congress six months to come up with a solution. As a response the Kansas Bar Association held an informational webinar Tuesday; answering questions to the nearly 100 people who took part in the seminar.

"We just don't have a lot of information about it,” said Law Practice Management Attorney Sara Rust-Martin. “It came a little bit out of the blue for lots of people and now they are wondering what they need to do.”

Marquez’s permit doesn't expire until 2019, but with the future of the program in jeopardy, she is now uncertain of what the future hold.

"We don't know what's going to happen in the future,” said Marquez. “All my family is here, so I don't know what's going to happen if I go back to Mexico."

KBA is reminding Dreamers, if their eligibility expires between now and March 5th, they have until October 5th to apply for a two-year renewal.

If you have any questions the KBA has a lawyer referral service, you can reach them at 1-800-928-3111.