Salute the Badge: AMR's Mindy Toy receives Star of Life

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- AMR's Mindy Toy was part of the team recognized for saving cardiac-arrest patient Nedra Holroyd's life in 2016. Little did she know, she'd receive another award a year later.

"It was very overwhelming. I got teary eyed! I was very proud to wear it," said Toy holding her Star of Life medal.

Toy traveled to Washington D.C. in June to receive the Star of Life from the American Ambulance Association, one of the highest honors in her field. She was nominated by her peers at Topeka AMR.

"You don't think of it that way. You're just doing your job," Toy said humbly.

Mindy said she had a hard time being the center of attention in D.C. that week, even at her own ceremony.

"They want to talk about you, they want to talk about what you do for a living, and I'm like 'I just do my job!'"

The Star of Life isn't given to those who run the most calls or even save the most lives, it's awarded to professionals who go above and beyond the call of duty.

Mindy's clinical skills have made her a successful paramedic, but her peers say it's her people skills that make her one of the best.

"I always think about the people that I drop off, wondering 'Are they getting the attention that they need? Are they speaking up for themselves?' I want to make sure that they're still doing what they need to do for themselves after I drop them off," said Toy.

She never fails to recognize her patients as people, a quality Mindy says will set anyone apart in any profession.

"I wish people would do patient care a little better. In any business, you just wish they treat people a little bit different because you never know what they're dealing with on the inside or in their personal lives," said Toy.