TPD: No armed person found at Topeka Tower

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - A report of a person with a gun at Topeka Tower sparked concern, but Topeka Police say a search of the building turned up no suspects.

Several police vehicles were parked around the former Bank of America building in the 500 block of S. Kansas Ave. after the report came in just after 6:30 pm Tuesday.

TPD Lt. Aaron Jones said a witness reported riding in the elevator with a person who was carrying a firearm and acting in a manner she found concerning.

Jones told 13 NEWS about 40 people voluntarily evacuated the building. He said officers found nothing suspicious and were clearing the building just after 8 pm. He also said another witness later told police they believed the person who had the gun was a person who worked in the building.

The building's manager told 13 NEWS an employee at a business inside the building saw the person carrying the gun and called police as a precaution.

A woman who showed up at the scene said her daughter worked on the 5th floor, but was able to get out safely.

Jones said simply carrying a firearm inside a building is not necessarily illegal, however, he said if you see something, say something. He said the public reporting suspicious activity is what helps police keep the community safe.