Surveillance video catches Kansas City man shoving pilot inside KC's airport

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. (CNN) — A bizarre incident at Kansas City International Airport was caught on camera. In it, a passenger is seen shoving an airline pilot following some kind of dispute. Now, the passenger is facing charges.

In the video, the pilot and another man, who was identified in court documents as Edward Foster, 49, of Kansas City, Missouri, walking off the plane at Gate 87.

They walk out of the gate area, turn left into the concourse, then as they walk down the hall, police reports say, the man tries to go around the pilot to take a picture of his badge.

The pilot apparently raises his hand, and that's when police say the passenger's cell phone falls to the ground. The passenger grabs the pilot by the shoulders. then shoves him. The pilot steps back, eventually walking out to a car, where his wife was waiting.

The police report says Foster believed the pilot, who was a passenger on the plane he was in, was taking too much room in the aisle and being disrespectful. It is believed the pilot works for American Airlines, which declined to comment on the incident. Neither the pilot nor Foster have commented as well.

Foster now faces a citation share and has a court date next month.