Solar Car Challenge race makes a pit stop in Manhattan

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Manhattan, Kan. (WIBW) The Solar Car Challenge rolled into Manhattan for a pit stop at the Blue Earth Plaza all day Wednesday.

19 teams from high schools in New York to California are racing solar energy cars from Texas to Minnesota.

The Solar Car Challenge Education Program teaches high school students how to design, build and safely drive a solar car.

“My role is to control the chaos,” said Rob Goodson, Engineering Teacher from Mansfield, Texas. “These kids learn more doing this and making mistakes and figuring out the problems going through this than I get them in class.”

Race organizers planned a stop in Manhattan to give students an opportunity to rest and display their solar cars for community members.

“To just start from nothing. They just started with a drawing and then it just became this car that can drive over 40 miles an hour,” said Holly Moris, a Manhattan resident. “And this car behind us is from Texas. It had to drive here all the way from Texas and we just can’t believe that.”

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