Sen. Roberts encourages students to get off the sidelines

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)- A U.S. Senator is encouraging government students to get up and be a part of the game.

Senator Pat Roberts stopped by Connie Jacobsen’s American Government class at Topeka West Monday morning.

“We need their idealism,” Roberts said. “We need their enthusiasm and one of the things I always say is don’t sit on the sidelines.”

Roberts says he always needs to come prepared when it talking with students.

“These questions are usually better or better informed, at least from a government standpoint, how government works than you do with a town hall meeting, so you got to be on your toes,” he said.

But there is one point that he hopes students come away with.

“Washington D.C., much maligned today, still is their capital,” he said. “It doesn’t belong with me, Jerry Moran or for that matter the president. So if I can inculcate that idea that this is their government I think I will have succeeded.”

When it comes to the Republican nominee for president, he says he knows Ohio Governor John Kasich, but no matter the nominee he will keep his focus on home.

“I’m going to support the republican nominee and whoever that is,” he said. “We will reach out. I will try to emphasize the value of farmers and ranchers and agriculture.”