Topeka Public School District say they have growing concerns with their transportation provider

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TOPEKA (WIBW)- Topeka Public School District officials admit, a collision between a school bus and a car Thursday morning, is giving them concerns with their transportation provider.

It happened just before 8:30 a.m., at the intersection of 1st and SW Franklin.

Topeka Police say the bus driver was distracted by a student, ran a stop sign and crashed into a car. Both vehicles ended up on a lawn, hitting a house.

School officials say 24 Meadows Elementary students were on the bus, but no one, including the drivers, was hurt.

The car's driver said it shows how life changes in a second.

"Of course, I tell you, it just goes so quick. it's just, one minute everything's so normal and the next minute everything's just like this," Accident Victim Cheryl Singleterry said.

This is the latest incident involving Durham bus and the 501 District.

In January, some area parents broke the glass on a Durham School bus and pulled their children off.

The parents told 13 NEWS they thought their children were in danger after they received calls from the kids saying the driver was going the wrong direction and missed their stops.

A district spokesperson said at the time that the driver was a substitute and was not familiar with the route.

In August, a Topeka mother demanded action after her three year-old son, who is deaf, spent his first day of pre-kindergarten inside a school bus.

Durham said its driver who was taking the child to the Kansas School of the Deaf near Kansas City, had bad directions.

Giving the driver a mobile device was among ways Durham and the district were addressing the problem.

USD 501 spokesperson Misty Kruger said the district recently opened the process of getting bids from companies to provide bus service next school year.

She said Durham is welcome to bid and the district intends to honor their contract thru the end of this year.

However, she said it is fair to say the district has concerns based on recent events, adding, "they expect any bus company to transport students safely and on time."