Man arrested on 'terroristic threat' charge following Facebook post

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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH)- Wichita Police release more information on a man arrested on a charge of making a terroristic threat.

Police say 911 dispatchers received several calls about a Facebook post by 28-year-old Brendon May at around 11:50 Sunday. Officers were sent to check on May, who they believed was suicidal.

He was found in the 10000 block of E. Kellogg, where he was taken into custody without incident.

His ex-girlfriend, Misty, says she thinks he was just upset.

"He didn't mean anything by it. He was just upset when he did it," she said.

She and May have a child together but recently decided to call things off. She says May was upset after she refused to take their two-year-old daughter to see him for Father's Day.

In a Facebook post under May's name, a post says no one is going to tell him when he can see his children. That same post says quote "This is the end I apologize to all the victims family of tomorrow tragedy in advance!"

Several viewers sent screen capture images of May's Facebook post overnight. That post includes a picture of a large rifle and bullets.

Police say May was not armed when officers took him into custody and no weapon was with him when they arrested him on east Kellogg.

Misty says he didn't have the means to hurt anyone.

"No, he didn't even have the gun to do so. It was a gun he found on the internet, a picture of the gun he had found on the internet and he doesn't own any guns," she said.

Police say a BB gun was located but it was not with May at the time of his arrest.

Misty says he was never violent towards her, and never showed signs of hurting anyone.

"I don't know that anything is wrong with him, but I mean," she said.
"Maybe this is the first strike of it, but I don't know."

A terroristic threat is a felony under state law. Wichita police say May was booked into jail on one count of terroristic threat for attempting to intimidate or coerce others.

(NOTE: Our original story stated May was booked on one count of "terrorism" based on information from the Sedgwick County Jail's online inmate arrest & booking report. The online page still states "terrorism", however police have since stated he was booked for making a terroristic threat.)