Laborers honored at Working Kansas Alliance Picnic

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - Local 218 Union Member, Luke Domme, brought his family to the Working Kansas Alliance Labor Day picnic to stand with fellow labor workers.

“I hope my daughter grows up in a world where she feels safe and comfortable at work and she has the same opportunities for advancement everybody else does,” Domme said.

Domme is part of more than 20 Kansas labor unions represented at the picnic. He says it's important to build solidarity between unions.

“I think it just helps everybody come together and see that you're not alone, you're not isolated in your union at your own workplace that we're fighting these battles across the board you know,” Domme said.

WKA Co-Chair Matthew Hall helped plan the picnic, now in its second year.

“Workers voices need to be heard,” said Hall. “They need to be remembered that workers are the ones that built this country and keep this country going so they need to have those voices out there and those perspectives out there.”

Attendees chowed down on barbecue while state, county and city politicians spoke about the importance of unions.

“We hope that they'll be able to speak to worker's concerns, to hear workers concerns and to make sure that they represent workers at the state house and in the capital, in D.C. as well,” Hall said.

In the end, workers say they felt heard and represented.

“I think it's important to connect to all the other union members across the state and everything,” said Domme. “That way we can hopefully hold the line and not lose any kind of benefits that we've already won over the past 150 years and keep that momentum going, keep the labor movement alive.”