Fall colors falling short this year

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- From bright reds to golden yellows, trees can display a wide spectrum of colors as the seasons change.

"I've noticed that the colors haven't been really bright this year" says Oscar Gomez.

Trailblazers like Oscar have noticed a big difference.

"Kansas is known for it's really beautiful colors this time of the year. Haven't really seen it this year."

Typically fall colors peak in northern Kansas around mid October. This year, various trees appear to be peaking later than usual while some colors aren't showing up at all.

Kim Bomberger of the Kansas Forest Service has noticed the lack of colors as well.

"What you're seeing with the trees behind us, the oaks, are looking not as colorful. They've dropped their leaves, they look a little brown and that's generally what I've been seeing the last week or so."

In order to see the best fall colors, days with clear blue skies and cool conditions are just what is needed. Unfortunately though, it's been few and far between this fall.

The best fall colors usually happen when we have had abundant moisture throughout the year, cool and sunny days in the early fall, and calm winds.

"We've had just quite variable weather. The temperatures - we went from cool mornings to warmer mornings, we're back to cooler mornings. We had a cool snap, we warmed up...The variability is certainly gonna determine how well a lot of your seed grown trees will show color."

Kim says, the maple trees are showing up well this fall, so be quick to catch them before all the leaves have dropped!