Couple arrested during Saline Co. traffic stop say they were racially profiled, sheriff's office says they refused to follow orders

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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH)- A Saline County traffic stop is raising concerns, as it's picked up millions of views on social media.

Tia Jones started recording on her phone when she was pulled over by a Saline County deputy September 2nd. Her husband, Johnathan Ayers is in the passenger seat.

The sheriff told KWCH-TV his deputy pulled Jones over for not staying in her lane on I-70.

He says Jones pulled over, but the couple refused to show their ID's.

The video goes on more than 20 minutes, you see the couple talking with officers through a window that's nearly rolled up.

Toward the end, you can see an officer holding a weapon and another deputy breaks a window, unlocks the door and orders Ayers out.

The sheriff's office says it was a less-lethal weapon, which fires bean bags or rubber bullets.

Ayers says he thinks their race was a factor in the traffic stop and that they did nothing wrong and were not legally required to show ID.

The sheriff says his office did its own investigation and found the deputies did nothing wrong.