Carbondale 8th graders enjoy their geology, and honoring a local hero

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CARBONDALE (WIBW) -- Carbondale Good Kids in Cynthia Wilson's 8th grade class are leading the way as the school joins together each year in urging the State of Kansas to place highway signs on U.S. 75, proclaiming that paleontologist Barnum Brown hails from their hometown. The famed dinosaur expert is given credit for discovery of the first T-Rex.

The kids are also focusing on geology, building their homemade museum. They researched, designed and built an exhibit on Barnum Brown. And lots of lessons about Planet Earth.

The 8th graders study geology, forces of plate tectonics, continental drift, and evidence of the earth's past.. Teacher Cindy Wilson's team is focusing on the geologic past of Kansas. after trip to the KU Natural History museum.. and a lecture from Dr. Chris Beard.

The large exhibits give Mrs. Wilson's students a way to show their knowledge of their topic visually and interactively and give them a chance to teach others. The exhibits show the students the powerful changes that have taken place over millions of years in the place we now call Kansas.