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I was born in the land of salsa, merengue and Cuban cigars… and no, it’s not Cuba. I’m originally from Miami, Florida and ended up in the Sunflower State by way of the US Army.

When I lived in Miami, I daydreamed of the moment I would leave and see the world. After many years of finding no purpose in life, I decided to join the Army. And like most people who join the military, there are many reasons for making such a decision; it’s hard to pinpoint just one.

I enlisted in 2004, during the height of the war in Iraq. I saw Jessica Lynch being rescued by Special Forces and the Abu Ghraib scandal covered on the evening news. I wanted to know the Iraq War story for myself. My curiosity knew no bounds.

I originally wanted to be a medic but the army needed a broadcast journalist. And the rest is history.

I’ve been deployed to Iraq twice covering US Army Public Affairs stories of combat troops and produced a popular series for infantry basic training at Fort Benning TV in Columbus, Georgia titled The Making of a Soldier. The series has over two million views on YouTube and Vimeo.

I’ve traveled to many great places and my favorites include Salzburg, Austria during Christmas, the Bavarian Alps in Southern Germany during springtime and sunsets in Iraq.

I am married to the most interesting man in the world, we have the cutest five year old ever and two of the sweetest rescue dogs a family could ever own. ;D

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