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Being born and raised in Tampa, Florida, weather has been a major passion of mine since the 2004 and 2005 hurricane seasons.

I remember sitting through multiple hurricanes and becoming glued to the television watching local and national (Jim Cantore!) meteorologists covering the storms live while being blown sideways. From then on, ask any one of my friends or family what I wanted to be when I grow up and they would immediately tell you that I wanted to be a broadcast meteorologist.

This passion carried into college as I set out for a degree in meteorology from Florida State University (sorry Ralph). It was exciting to meet others in my major who shared the same passion for weather as me. Prior to meeting these people I had never met anyone else who was as fascinated with it as me! I was fortunate enough to intern at News Channel 8 in Tampa last summer and knew that this is what I wanted to do. In addition to that, I was part of a student-run weather show that broadcasts M-F at 6 on a local channel in Tallahassee. So after graduating, I felt I had a pretty good grasp as to what it takes to be a broadcast meteorologist.

The next step to reaching my goal was to find the right station to start me off. I am more than excited to be given the opportunity to forecast the weather in such a place like Topeka. The Midwest has a lot to throw at me (except hurricanes) and actually has more than two seasons (looking at you Florida)! I feel as though I lucked out starting here as everyone I have met so far is genuinely kind and the weather is just what I need to grow.

In my free time I love to listen to music even going to concerts if I can, play video games, or watch sports. I’m a big fan of really any Tampa Bay team so try not to hackle me too much (I know, the Bucs are bad). Kansas has a lot to offer and I can not wait to get to know it!

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