Chris Lilly

Sports Director

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Meet Chris Lilly!

Journalism had me hooked right from the beginning. Everyone has a story that matters to someone. I love to search and find that story.

I was born in Carrollton, Texas (Yes, I am a Dallas Cowboys fan) but my family is from all over the country. I love Texas with all my heart, but I also love living in different places.

I graduated from the University of Missouri with a degree in Journalism. In Columbia Missouri, I worked at KOMU and covered everything in mid-Missouri. I joined the KOMU news team in 2012. I love to anchor as well as report in the field.

Not only did I do news coverage in Columbia, but I also got to cover local high school sports, Columbia College, and the University of Missouri Athletics. Throughout my time as a journalist I have learned the importance of keeping an eye out for interesting things. They’re everywhere!

I’m excited to be here in Topeka, and can’t wait to share your stories! Whether I’m out running on a trail or just walking around, don’t be shy I love a good conversation.

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