Where Are You, on KU-NCIS Debate?

From Ralph Hipp

It's proving to be another exciting Tuesday night inside the halls of WIBW-TV.  Not because you can turn up the volume from our master control operation and hear the Jayhawks game.. but you can also hear the phones ringing with viewer complaints, asking one simple question.

Why can't we watch NCIS?  Why do you show it after midnight?

If you choose to pursue more specific answers should certainly call us during normal business hours.  I do want to let you know that WIBW is really excited to re-connect with the Jayhawks Basketball Network in a multi-year deal.  (We just got KU back from another station in town.)  What that means is normally on a Tuesday night, and primarily what we want the KU games for.. to show on Saturday afternoons.. we won't be able to carry CBS live programming.  KCTV in Kansas City, is a primary CBS affiliate; while WIBW is a secondary affiliate.  KCTV is not allowed to pre-empt CBS programs because it's such an huge market.  The Jayhawks would only be Channel 5 if it were a CBS Network game.  We do expect a few KU games on CBS.. and we'd go with CBS on those, of course.

KCTV was accidentally blacked out Tuesday night in the normal progression of things.  We informed Cox Cable that they should not follow their normal pattern of blacking out Channel 5 after 7:00, that we were in 'game mode," and they should provide you with the CBS show.  By around 7:20, they put NCIS back on in Topeka.

Under our contract with the CBS Network, we are also never allowed to carry their programs on MyTV.  Our sister station is covered by a separate night-time network deal of its own.

We noticed quite a few of the phone complaints are coming from people who are probably not Netflix subscribers, or have a way to watch full episodes the next day on www.cbs.com.  But you'd be able to do that a few hours after NCIS is on. 

And let me not fail to mention "NCIS: Los Angeles" and the new "Unforgettable," which have loyal fans of their own.

Hey, while we're talking about stuff that's not forgettable, don't forget you can watch all the CBS shows after midnight on WIBW and make a party out of it.  For basketball season, anyway.  So where are you on this, are you happy the Hawks have flown back to 13, or can't get enough of your fix of Jethro, McGeek, Ziva and Tony?

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