What if JFK Had Lived?

From Ralph Hipp

Wow.. 48 years since that horrible Friday when the news reverberated around the nation like a shock wave with the assassination of President Kennedy in Dallas.  It was one of the those rare and tragic days sending the country into shock and affecting the outcome of events for decades to come.

If you're a fan of revisionist history, I wanted to take some time today to offer my thumbnail theories on what might have transpired if JFK had not been shot and killed in Dealey Plaza.

* After a tense but very successful trip to Texas, President Kennedy wins re-election in 1964 taking the Lone Star state from Barry Goldwater in another extremely close election.  Pundits credit his handling of the Cuba missile crisis for winning a 2nd term.. over the opposition of his generals and chiefs of staff.

* Authorizing his preference for guerilla-based invasions in North Vietnam, funded and operated by the CIA, President Kennedy also preserves the front of a multi-national UN peacekeeping force leading to a Korea-type stalemate in Vietnam, with troops pulled out by the end of his two terms in office.

* As is the case with many presidents who win another four years in office, JFK is besieged by the usual scandal in his 5th year in office about his extramarital affairs, which draw scrutiny from J. Edgar Hoover and Congressional committees.  Jackie urges JFK to stop his dalliances to preserve his Camelot image.

* Called by the family to campaign for his brother Bobby, JFK takes the stump to wreck the record of Richard Nixon again.  Bobby's tragic assassination sends a grieving and visibly shaken JFK and Jackie to lead the cortege to Arlington National Cemetery for Robert Kennedy's funeral.  The assassination allows Nixon to win the Presidency in 1968, with former President Kennedy as a frequest guest on talk shows as a leader of the opposition.

* Even with his pledge to land a man on the moon by the end of the 60s, budget deficits delay the lunar landing until well into the early 70s..  JFK, not entirely enamored with the civil rights movement but drawn to the cause in the final years of his Presidency, finally sees a weak civil rights bill passed in the early 70s as well.. after he has left office.

* Thousands gather in Boston as President Kennedy is joined by Jackie, the Kennedy family and an aging Marilyn Monroe.. for his 80th birthday celebration.  She reprises her famous song for him.  But the ex-President, stooped by back pains and health complications from his earlier years, appears to be near the end of his long life, well into his 80s before dying of natural causes.  His best selling autobiography and memoirs goes into its fifth printing since it was released in 1970.

Oh well, just some thoughts of what would never happen in just the course of 3 gunshots in about 10 seconds in Dallas.  What do YOU think would have happened if he'd never been shot?   rh

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