Phones of the Past, Phones of the Future

From Ralph Hipp

I just had to keep on talking on the blogs, about how we talk on our phones, after hearing Megan Mosack's amusing story of telling her little girl about what telephones used to look like and how they used to work.  She described the green or yellow plastic encased phones with a rotary dial.. just stick your finger in the 2-3-4, and turn it. 

Like the 8-track cassette player, it is awfully hard to find phones that look like that anymore.

Heck, Andy Griffith as Sheriff Andy Taylor had the old hand-crank phone where you'd hold the earpiece in one hand, and go up to the cone-shaped receiver to hear Sarah, the operator, talk to him! 

Megan also told her young A.J. about party lines.. where your grandma might be one of four people on the line.. and might have to wait for someone else on the party line to finish their call before she could make hers.  A.J. listened in disbelief about the way telephones and phone calls used to be.

Raubin and Megan had started their noon hour radio segment on 580 yesterday with an also very funny discussion talking and listening to Siri, the voice activated iPhone 4S command center.. you tell her who you're texting and what you want to say, and voila!  They're texted by voice command.  I'd sure love to save my pennies to get an iPhone.  Have the iPad here at work, and it makes you want more.

And this is all happening in our lifetimes!  What phones do you remember?  (The phone number at our house when I was five years old.. was 2684.  I couldn't believe it, the day came when we actually got a 7-digit phone number in our little town!)   Well, time to go home and watch some of my favorite old crime shows on DVD from the 70s.  You know, the one where the cops looking for the bad guys, have to go around looking for a pay phone on the side of the road?

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