No, Wait - It's Coming to Me

by Melissa Brunner

I know I'm a few days later on this, but, since Saturday's debate didn't bring anything quite so memorable, I wanted to find out what you thought about the situations that arose during last Wednesday's Republican GOP Presidential candidate debate.

For starters, Texas Gov. Rick Perry drew laughs - and incredulous criticism - when he couldn't remember the three departments he said he'd abolish if elected. He remembered two, then looked at Ron Paul, then looked at the moderators, then looked at his notes, then finally admitted, no, he could not name the third. On the one hand, I think many people can relate. Think of the times you knew the word you wanted to say or the name of a person or that event or fact -- and it just won't come out of your mouth! And for it to happen in such a public venue - yikes! On the other hand, the man is running for President of the United States and this is one of his major policy proposals and he can't think of it?! Yikes again!

Another item getting much discussion was Herman Cain's reference to Nancy Pelosi as "Princess." Some say he was simply making a point about how she tried to reign supreme over policies and debates. Others say it was a derogatory term to use for a woman who once held the third-highest position in the country. And yet another train of thought was that perhaps someone else could have gotten away with using the term to make a point, but not a man in the middle of sexual harassment allegations.

Speaking of those allegations, did you hear the audience boo when moderator Maria Bartiromo asked Cain a question about it? Those critical of the question said it was out of line because it was off-topic from the forum's focus on the economy. However, defenders say it would have been irresponsible to igore a situation that had so dominated the headlines in the days leading up to the event.

What did you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts on any or all of the issues!




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