In Search of a Better Burger

by Melissa Brunner

If you think the title of this blog is referring to how a burger tastes, sorry! I don't want to get into a debate over which burger tastes best - although I would be happy to take your tips.... I love a good cheeseburger! No, instead, I will share the highly disheartening, yet somewhat enlightening list that turned up on Yahoo! Health today. It runs down the best and worst restaurant burgers....and that means in terms of health, not taste!

First the bad - are you in love with the Chili's Southern Smokehouse Bacon Burger? Sorry to inform you that it earned the title "Burger So Bad It Should Be Illegal." The tastebud tempting blend of maple bacon, smoked cheddar, mayonnaise, crispy onion strings, and ancho-chile barbecue sauce, served with fries, has 2,290 calories and more fat and sodium than you should consume in two days: 139 grams of fat (211% of the proper daily intake), 46 grams of saturated fat (230%), and a bloodcurdling 6,500 milligrams of sodium (271%).

Under the heading "Worst Burger Hybrid" is Applebee's quesedilla burger - replacing the bun with a tortilla doesn't make it healthy, evidentally! And how about a Krispy Kreme Burger? Yes, it's what it sounds like - the Machine Shed restaurant put an all-beef patty between a sliced doughnut to serve at the 2010 Wisconsin State Fair!

On the bright side, the article says Hardee's turkey burgers can pass muster, just don't cover it with bacon, cheese and mayo. If mushrooms are your thing, they pick Dairy Queen's Mushroom Swiss Burger. And for plain taste, they pick Wendy's Jr. Hamburger, with 230 calories, 8 grams of fat (3 grams saturated), and 470 milligrams of sodium. Sorry, "plain" means no cheese allowed!

I'm not sure the list will have me turning down a good cheeseburger anytime soon - but it might make me think about adding an extra run or two! Check out the list for yourself at this link:



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