Did You Feel the Earth Move?!

by Melissa Brunner

Thanks to Twitter and Facebook, I was reassured I wasn't losing my mind Saturday night!

I was standing in the middle of our bedroom, on the second story of our house around 11 pm. Suddenly, I felt like a swaying, rolling vibration. The windows were rattling and I could hear the ductwork and vents throughout the house knocking. It was like a huge train was rolling outside the window or a bunch of big rigs jake-breaking down the street.

"Did you feel that?" I asked my husband. Sadly, he was distracted doing something in the next room and didn't feel a thing - but he did hear the knocking sounds that continued. "Is someone outside or something?" I asked, and, like a trooper, he went downstairs to check it out. The sounds stopped a few moments later, and I told him, "I swear I felt the house shake." He's the one who suggested I get on Twitter or Facebook and see whether I was crazy.

As we now know, I wasn't! We had the pleasure of feeling the Oklahoma earthquake here in Northeast Kansas! Of course, the only traces we have that we lived through an earthquake are the stories we're telling each other about it - no cracks in the ground, no shelves knocked over, buildings are still standing. (I know parts of Oklahoma did have damage.).

I was disappointed to get to work Monday and hear most of my coworkers were like my husband - didn't feel a thing! Did you? I'd love to hear your story about it!

While we're able to lightheartedly describe our experience, I must acknowledge how recent earthquakes have been far more serious in other parts of the world. During our recent trip to Australia, we heard how uplifting it was for New Zealand's rugby team to be (at that time) on the verge of winning the World Cup after all their nation had been through from a devastating earthquake. We also heard much about the earthquake/tsunami combo that hit Japan this past spring. I'll be glad to keep my earthquake experience on the minor end of the spectrum.



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