Big Brother 10 SPOILER info update

By: Dave Johnson
By: Dave Johnson

So here's the latest from the Big Brother house.  Keesha is the current Head of Household.  She put up boring, hat wearing Angie and overly inflated Jesse.  You'll see how this all goes down Sunday night on CBS.  She put up Angie because she just doesn't like her at all.  Keesha feels like Angie was coming after to and feel betrayed when Stephen was being ousted from the house.   

So will the two of them still be up when it's voting time.  Well that looks likely...because the ALL IMPORTANT Power of Veto competition has also already been played.  And the winner was not Jessie, not Angie, not randomly selected Libra, Ollie or Memphis.  The winner of the Power of Veto was none other than Keesha.  So not only is she the HOH...she's also holding the POV.  She has ALL the power right now.  By the way Dan will be your host for this weeks POV competition.

Jessie is panicking and trying to get off the block.  He badly wants Keesha to put up Libra.  That probably won't happen though because Keesha gave her a promise that she wouldn't put her up and she is in her alliance.  Probably the outskirts of the alliance...but not leaving this week.  It looks as if Keesha will leave the nominations were the same.  But when Keesha and Jessie talk about possibly backdooring Libra it seems as though Keesha is considering it.  So CBS will be able to make it seem like a big decision and a drama...but noms will stay the same. 

Jerry and Renny are actually playing pretty well.  Most of the houseguests are very annoyed by Jerry and the Memphis, Michelle, and Jessie side wants him out.  Renny has settled down and I really like her now.  She's still fiery and a little crazy but she's funny! 

Another sidenote: If you ever watch Big Brother After Dark on Showtime...if you hear the houseguests ever talk about Switzerland, that's the Diary Room.  They aren't allowed to talk about "The Diary Room" so they instead refer to it as Switzerland.  Kind of odd but it helps understand that.  Otherwise when they bring up Switzerland out of the blue it throws you off.

Big Brother sidenote here:  I can't believe they cast Dan in the house.  He's a nice guy and sometimes funny, but he's so worried about what people will think he won't say hardly anything.  He is a Catholic teacher so I get that...but when you're casting a show he turns out BORING because he is being careful.  I'm not faulting him as a guy, I'm faulting CBS for casting him.  I think they were banking on the fact that he's 30 years behind the curve when it comes to women's rights and he said he would move out of the country if Hillary Clinton became president.  OK.  Well in this house all those things mean nothing because he now won't say anything.  It's like he's not even there.  Again...I like him but these shows are all about crazy, fun and opinionated people...and he doesn't talk.

More updates coming soon. 

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