I've Mastered Parallel Parking

By: Brian Dorman
By: Brian Dorman


So I have had a problem since I bought my new car........I don't want to park next to anyone because I am really worried that I will get a door ding...

So.....I have followed some pretty interesting tips that I made up: park next to nice cars, newer the model the better. Park on the passenger side of the vehicle......if you park on the driver's side then you know they have to get in...you have a 50/50 chance that they don't have a passenger. Park at the very end in a line that way only one car can park next to you. In shopping centers I park WAY out....

My newest tip has been parallel parking.........that way you can't be dinged at all! lol. BUT first you have to make sure you know how so you don't bang the front or back. I only grew up in a city and the entire time never really learned how to parallel park. Well now I have it mastered!!!

Woo. I'm ready for life's next challenge. HAHA.

Can you slide in between too cars......Or PS. Suzy can you back in the buggy???





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