Concerned For The Wrong Reason

By: Brian Dorman
By: Brian Dorman

Dare to be different!

We care too much what other people think of us. From grade school to the workforce many feel this added pressure to be the best, look the best and perform the best.

I have been thinking about this since earlier when a woman wrote on my blog that she didn't want to wear shorts because of a scar on her knee. I wrote her back and said you wear those shorts and you be proud and feel beautiful. A friend of mine commented on the heat today and he said he wishes he felt comfortable enough to take off his shirt and go swimming. I told him to take off his shirt and go swimming...forget what other people think.

Easy for me to say...considering everything I wear is designer, I won't go out in 'dressed down clothes' and I too care way too much about my appearance. I say forget it! We need to think more of ourselves.....less of what others think and be happy.

In fact I use to be all worried about my blogs because people at work would often tease me about them. So I would sit back and think what could I write that I won't get laughed at by my co-workers........then.......I said forget what they think and did my own thing.

People will always I say beat to your own drum, do your own thing and make yourself happy first!


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