I'm Putting My Foot Down!

By: Brian Dorman
By: Brian Dorman


I am finally saying enough is enough. For those of you that have been reading my blogs for a while know that I continue to 'struggle' with getting in shape. I will workout really hard---hire personal trainers temporally and then stop--eat like crap and go back where I started. So.....I have decided........enough is enough......BUT I can't do it alone, I want you to do it with me!

I am starting my own segment called, "Get Fit" and it will air Sundays during the 10AM newscast. We are going to begin filming now and the first show will be the first Sunday in September. The segment will not only focus on those who are out of shape but is also geared towards those already in shape that might need a few new ideas and tips. We will be tackling, weight loss, goal setting, how to join a gym, what should be in your gym bag, product tests--do they work or not, as well as step my step tips for muscle groups. How to train for races, triathlons, sports conditioning.

In addition to the segment we will have "Get Fit' challenges, club cards for you to join the Get Fit Club, a website, workout blogs as well as a section to upload pictures, video and the ability to ask personal trainers questions!

I will be working exclusively with personal trainers Dane Cohen and Beth Gartner from the Topeka YMCA. We are so excited about this project and our goal is to make it entertaining and fun to watch and also fun to do!!!

I have put in a lot of my own time planning all of this and am really excited. It is something that means a lot to me and I hope that by doing it that I will change at least 1 persons life forever. Much more information to come including how to follow along with my 5 day a week workout routine!!


Join Brian Dorman EVERY Sunday at WIBW-TV Studios on 6th Street in Topeka 1PM

This Sunday July 27th will be at 1:30PM-2:30PM

We will be walking/running 'The Loop' outside the studio.

You can chose to walk it once or as many times as you want in an hour.

Rain or Shine!

Meet YMCA trainer Beth Gartner this Sunday!!!!

Join Brian, Dane & Beth and Get Fit For Life!

Please let me know if you can make it this Sunday!!


Contact Brian Dorman:


FACEBOOK---    http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1345742321




MYSPACE---   http://www.myspace.com/newsguy99




WORK TWITTER---   http://twitter.com/newsguy




GET FIT TWITTER: http://twitter.com/getfitwibw


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