Do You Want Me To Issue Mr. Dorman A Ticket?----YIKES!

By: Brian Dorman
By: Brian Dorman

Time was REALLY tight on Thursday. In fact I was a bit surprised when I was assigned to anchor the 4:00 broadcast and be live at the Fiesta at 5PM.

I rushed over to the Fiesta and let me just say when we say on the news there is no parking around that area, there really is NO PARKING AROUND THAT AREA.

I ended up on the 'wrong' side of the Road Closed sign and flashed my best authoritative smile at everyone looking at me. Everywhere i looked it said No Parking At Anytime.

Great, I thought---with only about 10 minutes before my live shot--I had no time to waste. I just pulled into a side parking area near the alley. Clearly it was a personal parking area for the house that was on the lot. It didn't really look like anyone was home. I jumped out and ran over for my live shot.

On my way back to my car I turn the corner and I can see the police officer writing things down at the house I was parked at. Two people stood outside, the woman was shaking her head.

OH BOY! I just had this gut feeling they were deliberating over my car.

As I got closer to the ladies front yard, I expected her to scold me.........instead it was picturesque.

"OMG, OMG, It's Brian Dorman............Brian Hi, Hi!" She shouted.

Wow, I never get this kind of reaction, it was as if Brad Pitt pulled up behind me or something she was so excited.

I stepped a little closer and she opened her arms wide.

I gave her a hug while saying, "You guys are writing up a ticket for my car eh."

"Well Mr. Dorman I was actually about to have your car towed," the officer said.

"Oh I am so sorry, you guys," I said to the woman and man who own the property, "I was in such a hurry for my live shot at 5 o'clock."

"Oooohh we saw you....we were just watching you ---that's why I was so excited to see you, we watch you all the time. You do a great job," she continued.

Her husband added, "If you come back tomorrow you are more than welcome to park here, you just let us know."

"Officer is there a ticket I owe? I asked.

"Nope, as long as they are okay with it," he said smiling. "Do you want me to issue Mr. Dorman a ticket?" he asked the couple.

"Of course not....." the woman said as she walked me to my car.

"A beautiful car Brian.......we should raffle it off and the money can go for the church," she suggested.

"If I had enough money you could have it for the church" I said. "You are my new friends, Thank you and I'm sorry"

It was like I had members of my family there, as I pulled away they were waving from the yard! HAHA.......Oh no! How do I get myself into these things? I have NO idea.

To my new friends:

Mis nuevos amigos. Gracias por tan entender. Lo siento tan para el inconveince. Sé le considero mis amigos. Es una historia que estoy seguro que ambo parte con risa. ¡Gracias otra vez!



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